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The juicy flesh of our fruit is a result of selected varieties and proper storage.

We produce the best quality fruit. We specialize in the growth of apples, including such cultivars as Gala Must, Jonagored, Rubinstar, Decosta, Red Jonaprince, Szampion, Gloster, Golden Delicious Reinders, Ligol, and Idared, which are available all year round.

We have a facility equipped with the most modern solutions available to the fruit-growing market. Immediately after harvest, apples in box pallets are taken to a cold room where they can be stored in special cold chambers with a total capacity of 15 000 tonnes for a long time – even up to the next harvest. This is possible thanks to equipment enabling the use of dynamic control atmosphere technology (DCA). Apples are regularly sorted by weight, size, colour, shape, and quality.

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