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Twój Owoc has 29 experienced fruit-growers who pay special attention to the highest standard of service.

Twój Owoc Sp. z o.o. is a company that has been active in the Polish fruit-growing market for many years, combining 29 leading manufacturers of fruit from Mazovia - Europe's largest fruit-growing basin. Our fruit-growers are people with rich traditions and wide experience in the field of fruit growing. They have knowledge passed from generation to generation whilst still following modern trends and who strive for continuous improvements to their skills. As a result our customers receive the best quality fruit with a traditional taste and distinctive aroma. 

We specialize in growing apples and in our modern sorting facility we can prepare 20,000 tonnes (100 tons per day) for distribution. We export fruit to EU countries such as France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, as well as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, India, and Algeria. Our company meets the quality standards of HACCP and in addition, we have implemented BRC, IFS certificates and a security system in accordance with GLOBAL GAP agriculture standards. Samples of fruit are systematically examined by the Institute of Horticulture for residue of plant protection products.

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Sales contact:
tel: + 48 512 812 944
Contact details:
Twój Owoc Sp. z o.o.
Wichradz 32A, 05-660 Warka
NIP: 797-198-48-30
tel.: +48 48 332 27 63
fax: +48 48 332 91 39