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Sustainability and environment.

Each fruit which ripens in our orchards absorbs that which is most precious for it from nature.

The total area of our orchards is 350 hectares, all providing excellent and ecological conditions for the growth of different varieties of fruit trees. We support nature with state- of-the-art solutions in the field of fruit-growing technology. With professional agrotechnical practices we provide optimal access of light up to the crown, which results in fruit acquiring a unique colour, juiciness, and a delicious taste. 

All fruit trees in our plantations are fertilized and irrigated, while we maintain strict environmental standards. We use fertilizer as needed, based on current soil analyses and plantations are protected against diseases and pests with the use of pesticides with minimal environmental impact in accordance with the principles of Integrated Production. Each stage of the growth of our fruit is thoroughly analyzed. Apples, which ripen in the glow of the autumn sun, are fully ripe and ready for harvest in September and October.

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