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The quality of our fruits.

Our fruit are fresh all the time despite travelling thousands of kilometres.

Crops in our orchards are hand-harvested in order to maintain the highest quality. Starting from the transportation and storage to packaging, fruit are treated with extreme caution to avoid any damage. Each piece is carefully examined and selected and rejected products are put into box pallets for processing purposes. 

In order to enable long-term storage fruit are packed in accordance with international standards, adapting to the requirements of customers. Packaging is a manual process, or is assisted by special equipment which minimizes the risk of damage. Goods are packed on trays, in plastic bags, or in cardboard boxes. We have modern means of transport which ensure that we can deliver large batches of goods to various countries in the world in a short period of time while preserving the freshness of apples, their visual qualities, taste, and nutritional value. Our fruit are prepared in such a way as to be safely delivered to customers who are thousands of kilometres and dozens of days away.

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